Welcome to the TechniTest Learning Centre!

"your trusted partner in Drug and Alcohol Screening"

Our goal is simple: To create Information Sessions that are life changing.


Since we opened our doors in 2014, the TechniTest Learning Centre has been helping Companies, HR Professionals and the general Community.  

We do this through personalised Information Sessions, working hand-in-hand with you achieving the most efficient learning outcomes in Drug and Alcohol Education.

We have a variety of Information Sessions available :

  • Employee Information Sessions
  • Employer Information Sessions 
  • Policy Development and Review Information Sessions 
  • Community Information Sessions 
             -  Middle and Senior School Information Sessions
             -  Sport Group Information Sessions
             -  Youth / Teen Information Sessions
             -  Parent / Guardian / Teacher Information Sessions

The TechniTest Learning Centre staff have extensive experience in performing various Information Sessions for a diverse range of workplaces and community groups and they have extensive knowledge of Drugs and Alcohol and their effects on society and individuals, especially in the workplace.

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