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TechniTest use a NATA Accredited Laboratory to confirm all non-negative results.  The laboratory adheres to rigorous quality standards and assures accurate, legally defensible AS4308 and AS4760 accredited results in a timely manner.

Synthetic Cannabis Screening is conducted by an Accredited TechniTest collector and the Synthetic Cannabis Screen is used in conjunction with Urine Screening where the Synthetic Cannabis Strip is dipped into the urine specimen.

The results of the Synthetic Cannabis Screening are typically read within 5 minutes.

With the Synthetic Cannabis Screening Strip, TechniTest are able to screen for the following:
Synthetic Cannabis (THC), Spice, Kronic, K2, JWH-018, JWH-073

TechniTest's second generation Syntetic Cannabis Screening device now detects the 16 most commonly found chemicals in commercially available Synthetic Cannabis.  The compounds detected include:
JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH210, JWH-398 and MAM-2201

Synthetic Cannabis Screening

Alcohol Screening

Oral Fluid Screening is conducted by an Accredited TechniTest collector using a Saliva Drug Test which has a 6 Panel test strip.

Oral Fluid Screening is conducted according to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4760:2006 

The results of the Oral Fluid Screen are typically read within 5 minutes.

With our Saliva Drug Test, we are able to screen for the following classes of drugs:
Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Opiates and Cannabis (THC)

Urine Screening is conducted by an Accredited TechniTest collector using a 6 Panel cup with a Temperature and Adulterant Strip to defeat specimen adulteration.  

Urine Screening is conducted according to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4308:2008 and our products are Certified to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4308:2008 and used by laboratories, government agencies and corporations across Australia.

The results of the Urine Screen are typically ready within 4 minutes.

With the Urine Cup, we are able to screen for the following classes of drugs:
Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Opiates and Cannabis (THC)

TechniTest Services  

(mobile and walk-in facilities available)

Drugs are metabolised (processed) by each person differently.  Your results are unique to you.  You can take two people of the same age, who used the same drug in the same amounts over the same time frame, conduct the same drug screen, but have different results.  Some factors that affect each person:

TechniTest use the Lion SD400 alcometer which is a fully automatic, simple to use breathalyser and is recalibrated as required.

Alcohol Screening is conducted according to the Australian Standard AS3547:1997 "Breath Alcohol Testing Devices for Personal Use" and the Lion SD400 alcometer is certified to the Australian Standard AS3547:1997 and used by health care professionals, law enforcement and workplace health and safety personnel.

Hair Screening

Hair samples are cut close to the scalp by an Accredited TechniTest collector.  Hair samples cannot be substituted or diluted and are difficult to adulterate.

Hair Screening provides quantifiable results across a standard 90 day time frame.  This is important in pre-employment screening where most candidates are aware that a drug test may be required and can otherwise abstain accordingly.  

TechniTest use a Laboratory in the USA that guarantees an Industry Leading turn-around time of 5 days to issue results.  TechniTest highly recommend Hair Screening for:

  • Pre-employment Screening for Executive decision makers in Senior to Middle Management roles
  • Pre-Medical Screens
  • Court Orders / Legal requirements
  • Department of Community Screening
  • Industry specific like Child-care, Mining, Drilling, Manufacturing and Transportation Industries

Rehabilitation and Employment Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Understanding the complexities of Drug and Alcohol use in our community, TechniTest​ are unique as we have in-house Accredited Psychologists and Councillors to assist you with your mental health, depression, anxiety or addiction.  

When you test positive for Drugs and/or Alcohol, TechniTest can offer you the support and tools you need to get better.  For many individuals and their families, the road to recovery is a long, personal, and often painful journey.

TechniTest work closely with a number of Rehabilitation Centre's across Australia and are able to refer you to a Rehabilitation Centre that is appropriate for your needs.  

Urine Screening

Meth Detection Services

TechniTest offer Meth Detection Services to Real Estate Agents, Investors, Tenants and those wishing to purchase residential or commercial properties.

The process of "cooking" methamphetamine can be dangerous as it involves poisonous, flammable and explosive chemicals.  These chemicals when cooked create a toxic by-product and the residue soaks into dry-walls, furniture, carpets etc.  Homes and businesses that have been used as a Clandestine (Meth) drug lab need to be cleaned professionally.  TechniTest conduct screens for: 

  • Commercial and Residential Properties
  • Pre-Purchase Screening
  • Pre-Occupancy Screening
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Mid-Occupancy Screening
  • Specialised Screening on assets like boats, vehicles, trucks,vans, trailers, campers, caravans, clothes, bags etc

The Australian Crime Commission's Illicit Drug Data Report for 2011-2012 released in May 2013 indicates a record 809 Cladestine drug labs were located around the country, mostly producing Methamphetamines with 70.6% of labs located in residential areas.

Queensland had the most Cladestine drug labs.

Confirmation of Non-Negative Screens 

​Have a look at the TechniTest Learning Centre tab for the Information Sessions we have available.

Information Sessions

Oral Fluid Screening

  • ​The strength and purity of the drug
  • How much was used/consumed
  • How was it used (inhaled, injected, inserted, snorted)
  • How often is it used (daily, every few hours, occasionally)
  • What other drugs/medications/alcohol was taken
  • Tolerance to the drug
  • Gender and age
  • Overall health, mental health, well-being and metabolism